Q: Where can I buy a Musii and how much does it cost?

A: Musii is now available at a number of SEN distributors or from us directly. Prices are quoted on application, depending on your location and number of units.
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Q: Can I get a demonstration or hire a Musii?

If you are near us or any of our distributors you may be able to visit for a demonstration or we can discuss bringing Musii to you. Please contact us through the contact page to discuss hiring a unit

Q:Will the inflatable rip?

A: We have rigorously tested and have not had any problems with ripping. The cloth is fire retardant Rip Stop Nylon, often used for sails and hot air balloons. A spare inflatable component is supplied so that you can clean one without disrupting use. A replacement inflatable costs only £25+p&p.

Q:Can I get download or create new sounds for Musii ?

A: Yes. We are continually making new sound scapes and introducing new features to the software. These updates will be freely available to all Musii users.
If you want to create your own sounds you can access Musii software by plugging in a mouse and a monitor. You can download the manuals on our website.

Company Info

Musii has been developed by Designs in Air Ltd, specialists in inflatable product design and Lex Cousins. Musii Ltd is based in Bristol in the UK.